Postcard Perfect in Puerto Vallarta

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I actually get to live in this paradise!  This a not a postcard, but the view from our balcony.  I think April and May could be my favorite months here in Puerto Vallarta.  It is warm, but not hot, and the humidity has not arrived yet.  There is still lots of energy and activities, but not as crowded as the high season.  Just about perfect in my book!

IMG_0891 IMG_0892

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1 Response to Postcard Perfect in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Karen and Dennis says:

    Certainly is breathtaking! But don’t forget the good looking food too. Mavi, we just had chicken on the grill rubbed with one of your spice collections. Yummy! Now if we could only jettison the fleece….

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