Mexican Piñatas

We did not completely understand the concept of piñatas in Mexico.  After a few birthday parties for the kids and a couple other celebrations we have a better grasp on this tradition.  There is a song sung while the child swings at the piñata and they have until the song is over for their turn.  The person in charge of the piñata can make the swinging process as easy or as difficult as they desire, making it a bit more challenging for the older/stronger kids.  The BEST PART is when the candy starts coming.  Looks like a fumble at a football game!  Everyone just dives in.  Amazing there are not more injuries.  Certainly lots of fun for the kids!



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Mexican Dance

We had the most amazing privilege spending the day with friends who build schools here in Mexico with their Rotary Club from Canada.  Part of the day was entertainment from a dance group from a small village.  So much talent and pride from these beautiful little girls!

From El Tuito in Jalisco, Mexico.

IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0356


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My Mexican Garden!

Learning my plants in Mexico has continued to be a challenge, but things are getting better.  Check out the bloom on my new Hibiscus!


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The Talents of a Granddaughter

I happen to think my granddaughter is amazingly talented and evidently, so does she.  She painted me her first picture writing her name which I decided was frame worthy.  Making her famous at 4yrs old!  She, on the other hand, spent a great deal of time doing my makeup and hair on our last visit.   She must of decided she has a gift for this sort of thing and took the scissors to her own hair for her first attempt.  I’ve actually seen this look on the streets of Seattle, but not sure it is my favorite for her.  This one will probably get framed too for some good laughs down the road!

IMG_20150126_104035 IMG_0215

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Therapy Table

I have started out 2015 (a little late I know) with a renewed commitment to my website.  It is not that I don’t have things to post, I am just having too much fun to take time to post.  While retirement has required some adjusting, all is going well.  We LOVE our life in PV and I count myself blessed to be living here.  The most popular question is ‘what do you do all day?’  While we spend a great deal of time entertaining company, a slower day allows me to check in with my creative side.  I decided to do some painting and found it fun and therapeutic, hence the name ‘Therapy Table’.



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House Hunters International, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We have watched this show and it is fun to see the properties and what motivates the buyers to make their decision.  Our condo building is featured in tonight’s episode.  The agent who is showing the property is one of the agents Andrea works for at Timothy Real Estate Group in our area of Puerto Vallarta.  They are getting ready to film a 3rd episode at a higher price point.  This is the second episode.  Hope you can watch and see what we call home.  Molino De Agua is our building if you get to watch!

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Postcard Perfect in Puerto Vallarta

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I actually get to live in this paradise!  This a not a postcard, but the view from our balcony.  I think April and May could be my favorite months here in Puerto Vallarta.  It is warm, but not hot, and the humidity has not arrived yet.  There is still lots of energy and activities, but not as crowded as the high season.  Just about perfect in my book!

IMG_0891 IMG_0892

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Transportation in Puerto Vallarta

We see some interesting modes of transportation here in Mexico.  Along with the full vehicle, there is a baby sitting on the mother’s lap.  You don’t even want to get me started on the use of seat belts here!  I wonder how this works during the rainy season?!!

IMG_0889 IMG_0890

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Andrea’s birthday in PV

Our baby girl will now be enjoying her last year in her 20’s.  So hard to believe!   We celebrated in style at Hacienda San Angel on her birthday.  This is a boutique hotel with an outstanding restaurant.  Restaurant week is in play here in Puerto Vallarta, so we were able to experience some fine dining!

A fun night out!

A fun night out!


Such a beautiful young woman!

Such a beautiful young woman!



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Greek Easter on Cinco de Mayo

I don’t think we will get this combination for awhile!  We are missing the red eggs and the orzo, but enjoyed a delicious Greek Easter meal here in Puerto Vallarta.  Will have the official dinner when our children arrive this week.  The wine was amazing!  Cast 321,  2006 Cab, by Gabrielle in the Napa Valley.

Lamb grilled to perfection!  Some of our infused vodka in the background for another day!

Lamb grilled to perfection! Some of our infused vodka in the background for another day!

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