Planting in Puerto Vallarta

It took me a few years to figure out my plants in Seattle.  I think it will take the same amount of time here in PV.  Had a very fun plant day yesterday and have some happy plants at the moment.  My gardenia is still a bit of a challenge, but alive!  Would love any insight on how to keep a gardenia happy.  Finally feel like I have created a little garden on our balcony and love the color we get with some of the plants here in Mexico.  My favorite plant is full of color…check it out!

Blooms like this all year long!

Blooms like this all year long!


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Amazing Coconut Cake!

With a little more time on my hands, I am having fun doing a lot more cooking.  Had a dinner club and I needed to come up with a dessert.  This is one of the first times I followed a recipe and it turned out looking like the picture in the cookbook!  Not only did it look good, it tasted amazing!!

Kiki's Famous Coconut Cake from the Tyler Florence Family Meal cookbook.

Kiki’s Famous Coconut Cake from the Tyler Florence Family Meal cookbook.


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Relaxing in Paradise

Our good friends down to visit have hit the relaxation mode after some fun nights out.  Zeus has decided to join him!  Puerto Vallarta certainly helps everyone relax a little!

Bob & Zeus in relaxation mode!

Eric & Zeus in relaxation mode!

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Medical in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We moved down to PV a year ago with many of our friends and family thinking we lost our mind!  So far we are thrilled with our decision.  We have an excellent quality of life here with an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

One of our concerns was medical while out of the states.  We just finished a round of our annual check-ups.  We are fortunate that a nurse from the US developed a program called HealthCare Resources which manages and assists those of us from the US and Canada through the Mexico medical system.

A few examples (no photos with these stories!).  My annual mammogram cost me 860 pesos which is around $75.00 US.  This included a mammogram using the same equipment used in the US, plus the doctor then brought me in for a physical exam with the nurse present and read my mammogram report right in front of me.  He actually pointed out where a staple was left in one of my breasts from a biopsy performed in the US.  I have never had this kind of experience in the states.  My husband went to a cardiologist for an annual exam.  He had lab work done for less than $30 US and spent an hour with a specialist who ran tests using different equipment and discussed his diet and exercise program for 600 pesos!  It is not just about the cost factor, we are treated so well, exposed to great equipment and doctors engaged in our health.  I can go on, but we are so pleased and confident with the medical care we are receiving here in Puerto Vallarta!

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Art in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There is amazing art in Puerto Vallarta.  Just walking the Malecon will enlighten you with statues of bronze, paintings, music and more.  Some simpler art that continues to catch my attention is the sand art and the stones.  These stones are just balanced on each other with crashing waves behind them!

IMG_0815 IMG_0814 IMG_0813

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Puerto Vallarta Entertainment

Walking our Malecon here in Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite things to do.  We chose Mexico to retire because we love living on the water, lots of warmth and sunshine and the culture here in Mexico.  Families come first here and contrary to stereotypes, the Mexicans work very hard.  This photo was taken of two young boys with their father playing and entertaining all of us passing by on a Sat. afternoon.IMG_0810


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Fashion Gone Bad in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

I hesitate to show this photo because we actually live in a beautiful place, but just couldn’t resist this photo moment.  Probably should be a Wallmart shopper!  Taken at Los Muertos beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Fashion gone wrong!

Fashion gone wrong!

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A Mexican Open House!

We actually have some amazing properties here in Puerto Vallarta.  Realtors don’t hold a lot of opens, but getting better.  This is a gated lot that will be developed.  Would be like an agent holding an open for a parcel of vacant land!   Thought all my fellow realtors would appreciate this one!

Motivated agent

Motivated agent


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A Moth Mexican Style!

So I love our life here in Mexico.  For those of you who have not been to Puerto Vallarta, we are tropical, not the dessert many often think of when referencing Mexico.  It is beautiful here and perfect weather this time of year.  We don’t see many creatures in our building, but I did wake up to see this very large moth (I was sure it was a bat when I first looked at it) on our wall.  You probably can’t appreciate the size, but it was about 6″ from wing tip to wing tip.  My husband was gone and it is too bad there was not video of me trying to get it out of our house…I’m sure I would be famous on u-tube!


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Only in Mexico!

After many requests to begin my blog again, I found the perfect photo to share with everyone.  Outside our condo building is an Oxxo which is a small convenience store.  Pay phones are still used here in Mexico, but not typically by a Mexican on a horse!  Enjoy!

Only in Mexico!

Only in Mexico!




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