Medical in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We moved down to PV a year ago with many of our friends and family thinking we lost our mind!  So far we are thrilled with our decision.  We have an excellent quality of life here with an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

One of our concerns was medical while out of the states.  We just finished a round of our annual check-ups.  We are fortunate that a nurse from the US developed a program called HealthCare Resources which manages and assists those of us from the US and Canada through the Mexico medical system.

A few examples (no photos with these stories!).  My annual mammogram cost me 860 pesos which is around $75.00 US.  This included a mammogram using the same equipment used in the US, plus the doctor then brought me in for a physical exam with the nurse present and read my mammogram report right in front of me.  He actually pointed out where a staple was left in one of my breasts from a biopsy performed in the US.  I have never had this kind of experience in the states.  My husband went to a cardiologist for an annual exam.  He had lab work done for less than $30 US and spent an hour with a specialist who ran tests using different equipment and discussed his diet and exercise program for 600 pesos!  It is not just about the cost factor, we are treated so well, exposed to great equipment and doctors engaged in our health.  I can go on, but we are so pleased and confident with the medical care we are receiving here in Puerto Vallarta!

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