Crossing the border to Mexico…

I can honestly say that I do not look forward to crossing the border after our first experience last year where we were there for 4hrs and $400us dollars later, they finally let us through.  Of course hauling a trailer stuffed with our belongings does tend to draw attention to itself.  This time we just had our car and our dog and it was smooth sailing.  Our car was completely full though, couldn’t even see out the back.   Arrived at the Nogales border at 8:00am and we registered our car and paid a $400 deposit against the car which we are supposed to get back when we cross back into the states.  We had already purchased car insurance online prior to getting to the border so that saved us some time.  Off we go!  I can honestly tell you I am not in love with the terrain in northern Mexico for the first part of our trip.  Looks just like southern Arizona really.  Very dry and lots of cactus.  Took a few photos of how some Mexicans live out in the small towns.  Pretty amazing how they can get by with so little!

Had a little market going on in this town.

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