Los Mochis, Mexico…so beautiful!


About 9 hours of driving and we arrive in Los Mochis.  I am not a fan of being in the car for long periods of time, but time goes fairly quickly.  Lots of small towns and topes (speed bumps) that slow things down, but you make good time driving in between the towns.  Speed limits don’t seem to mean much in Mexico!  Nothing true about what you read in the papers about driving in Mexico, at least when you stay on the toll roads.  Federales all along the way and you wonder how anyone could even try to attack you on these roads because they have no shoulders.  Not a problem this time driving, but no shoulders on the roads when you are pulling a trailer is a big problem.  Was not fun when we did this on our first trip down to bring some of our things.  The reason you don’t want to drive at night is because there are no shoulders and no lights!  Just dangerous driving, but not the kind of dangerous you read about in the US papers.  After lots of desert you know you are arriving in Los Mochis because of the beautiful, lush, green fields.  A large agricultural area probably because it is getting close to water and the mountains and terrain begin to change here.  Becomes a really pretty drive and much better roads once you get to Los Mochis.  We stayed in a nice little hotel right in the city.  Had a great dinner while Zeus took a rest in our room and got up feeling rested and ready for another day of driving.  All in all, a good day and we are half-way!


miles and miles of crops

Not sure what they are growing here, tomatoes possibly.








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