Driving to Puerto Vallarta

Palm trees and water, we’re here!

Our trip has gone so smoothly!  Our standard poodle, Zeus, has done awesome.  I am dreading the drive we have ahead of us this morning.   Be drove it last fall with a trailer from Tepic to PV and I would not recommend anyone do this.  The longest 3hr drive of my life.  Today will be easier because we are not hauling a trailer, but it is a very curvy and narrow road and the Mexican drivers pass at high speeds on any road including blind corners!  Actually had the same experience in Tuscany.  One of the reasons for staying in San Blas was to avoid about 1hr of highway 200 from Tepic because the road from San Blas is supposed to be much better.  Although our new route is still curvy, it is much better than driving from Tepic.  We will plan on this route again in the future.  The positive part of this drive is coming into Puerto Vallarta.  You begin to see the jungle, the palm trees and you know you are almost home.  It is very difficult to describe what driving through the jungle is like.  Everyone should have that experience in their lifetime.  Had a few fun sites along the way.

Fun VW


Approaching the jungle

So beautiful! Muy hermosa!

copper shopping along the road!

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