Beginning of our trial retirement in Puerto Vallarta!

Well we have traveled over 2800 miles to get here and spent almost 3 weeks together on the road and in the car and still married and mostly a happy couple!  Our home looks great thanks to our daughter Andrea managing our property while we were away and it feels fabulous to be here.  We planned our trip to arrive in PV in time to celebrate Bob’s birthday.  Ernesto had a beautiful tres leche cake (this cake is amazing if you have not tried it before) ready to go and Andrea joined us for a birthday celebration at one of our favorite restaurants here in PV, No Way Jose.  Just one block away from our home which makes for a safe walk home!  Bob enjoyed one of their chili margaritas.  You have to try it to really appreciate it, very refreshing!  The setting upstairs at No Way Jose is the perfect place to celebrate Bob’s birthday and the beginning of our trial retirement!

Standing on our deck at sunset before going to dinner

Zeus is still not sure where he is, but feeling better when he sees Andrea!

Birthday celebration at No Way Jose

Bob’s tres leches birthday cake. I think I need to work on my photo skills!

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