Infused Pineapple Vodka Martinis…deadly!

I’m surprised I am blogging today after the success of our pianapple vodka.  Better than we even thought.  Served it tonight to some guests and realize we will need to make a double batch in the future!  Love entertaining in PV.  So relaxed, great kitchen to cook in and great people to visit with.  Served shrimp with veggies and pasta, salad, bread and wine.  Finished the evening with some very fine tequila and looking forward to the next day.

Now for the recipe I promised…

A fifth of good vodka.  Good but doesn’t have to be great.  One good pineapple, actually should be a great pineapple!  Maybe that is why these work so well here in Puerto Vallarta!  Layer the pineapple in the container and pour the vodka over the pineapple making sure it is completely covered.  Seal the container and now for the hard part…wait 10 days.  Strain the vodka and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks.  Ours has never made it a week, so can’t tell you what happens after more than that.  It does not freeze, we tried it.  The pineapple is very strong but I just tried making a cake with it.  Was good but I am still perfecting that recipe so it will have to come later.

Out to the pool.  Seems like a good place to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom who is visiting us this week!

Day two, only eight more to go!


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1 Response to Infused Pineapple Vodka Martinis…deadly!

  1. I can vouch that this stuff is damn tasty!!! Can’t wait for more when we get down there next:)

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