Dog Food in Mexico

Had to take Zeus (our Standard Poodle) to the vet today.  He is trying new food and it is not agreeing with him.  He is chewing on himself constantly.  We are on a wheat free food but I think it is the lamb.  You are going to love this story.  I take him to the vet.  No appointment.  The vet is making a house call to an elderly lady and will be back in an hour.  I go back.  He looks at Zeus under a light.  No flees or ticks.  Doesn’t appear to be the food but might be too early to tell.  He gives him a shot and a pill and tells me to watch him.  If he doesn’t improve, then it is probably the food and I have to take him back to be groomed anyway.  I ask how much?  He says 80 pesos!  That is about $6.50 American money.  He probably spent 20 minutes with Zeus.  We can’t walk into our vet for less than $100 in West Seattle.  I was impressed.  Now part of my retirement routine is making Zeus his dog food.  I can’t say I’m excited about it, but Zeus is very happy about this problem!  2 kilos of fresh fish, 4 sweet potatoes, 6 carrots, green beans, rice and Zeus is in heaven.  This will be a research project for us here in Puerto Vallarta!

May not look appetizing to you, but Zeus is loving it!

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