Movie production in Puerto Vallarta, ‘I Brake for Gringos”

Well along with our blog, we are sure to become famous down here!  As we were walking to our local market for supplies for dinner, we saw quite a commotion on the street.  Large trucks, cameras, crews and massive people.  It appeared they were filming something.  The next day we walked by a large open lot where they have set up crews and support and we were stopped to see if we wanted to be an extra in the movie.  They were looking for Americans.  They need one person to run around naked on a boat but we don’t think the world is ready for that from us, nor are we!  They also asked us if we had any children staying here that would like to participate.  I think that was a polite way of saying we might be a little too old!!  Sounds like it is going to be a ‘Hangover’ type movie. Who knows you might be wanting our autographs soon.  Since I am not doing much in the way of work these days, the 500 pesos a day is sounding pretty good!

No stars to be spotted yet!

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2 Responses to Movie production in Puerto Vallarta, ‘I Brake for Gringos”

  1. Oooh…fun! Keep us updated:)

  2. Eddie Merideth says:

    You guys are making quite a statement in your new home. Hope all is well as we hear there is some tough weather coming your way.

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