Puerto Vallarta Malecon

This morning was one of my favorite ways to start my day.  Make our coffee, take Zeus for a little walk, buy a muffin from the muffin man on the Malecon and then come back and sit on our balcony watching the activity on the beach and Malecon.  The muffin man promised me coconut/pineapple muffins this morning and he delivered with the best muffin I have had from him yet.  They are so good!  We are so lucky to live where we walk out our front gate to the beautiful PV Malecon.  They just renovated it this last year and it has been awarded the Best Urban Design Project in Mexico at the XII National Biennial of Mexican Architecture 2012.  This is the most important award given by the Federation of Architects Colleges of Mexico!  Even during the low season here there is an abundance of activity and things to see and do when you walk the Malecon.  Just a few pics to give you an idea…

Took us awhile to figure this one out. Ira got up close for a little more research!

Our favorite street taco stand, you don’t want to miss this one!

Always interesting collections of art on the Malecon

I don’t know how they sit out in the heat covered in sand all day long, but they do. I understand they can make up to 3000 pesos a day doing this!

Love the sand art on the Malecon! Very cool!

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