Gardening in Puerto Vallarta

One of favorite  things to do is play with plants.  Although I enjoy looking at beautiful landscaping, I have discovered that I really don’t need or want a big yard I have to take care of.  I love to create a little garden with pots on our decks.  I like color, fragrance and some things I can use.  I finally felt like I had things figured out in Seattle.  Learned the hard way that it is not warm enough long enough to grow lemons on my Meyer’s lemon tree or gardenia plants that actually bloom the flower, but lots of beautiful plants to choose from in Seattle.  Now I find myself needing to learn how to plant in a tropical environment with plenty of sun!  I love the color options to choose from in PV and I now have 8 limes on our lime tree along with the wonderful fragrance from the citrus flower.  Growing basil, oregano, and mint and am trying my hand at a gardenia plant again because they are suppose to bloom all year long down here.  I’ve kept an orchid alive for almost two months and even bought a little fern to see if I can keep it alive!  I love our little garden I have created!  Too many plants to show them all to you, but will share a few.

Love this color!

My lime tree.

Limes for our margaritas! Don’t think one tree can keep up with us though!!

Back balcony. Going to be beautiful when everything blooms!


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1 Response to Gardening in Puerto Vallarta

  1. iragerlich says:

    I love this idea!! You grow your own limes and use them in your drinks! Genius! And so green!

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