A day at Ocean Grill in Puerto Vallarta

One of the things I love most about Puerto Vallarta are the dining experiences you can have here.  Ocean Grill is a new restaurant that sits in a small bay just past Boca which is a beach about 20 minutes south of PV.  You should make reservations because it is a smaller place and you need to be able to climb stairs if you go there.  You also want to have time to just hang out to enjoy the food and the view.  We went with some of our favorite friends and enjoyed ourselves for over three hours with michelades, wine, fresh octopus and lobster!  Another day in paradise!

Our 5 minute boat ride to Ocean Grill. No charge for this!

Ocean Grill!

Beautifully presented Lobster


Our friend Bob finishing our day with a high dive!

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3 Responses to A day at Ocean Grill in Puerto Vallarta

  1. That place looks great! We’ll have to go there the next time we’re in town!

  2. Eddie Merideth says:

    Que pass…..you two are really slumming it. En fuego!

  3. iragerlich says:

    That looks really good! Also the big pics and the captions are looking really good! Great blogging Renee!

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