Manual Labor in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

They say living in Mexico is like stepping back in time.  In some ways that does not seem to be true when our phones, high-speed internet and cable all seem to be keeping up with what we had in the US.  As a matter of fact, we watch King 5 news in Seattle from our home here in PV.  We are also fortunate that our building was developed by a US developer who planned on living in the building so our water, plumbing & electrical are all to US standards.  Most of the new construction we are seeing in our area is being built this way.  Pretty amazing properties down here!  BUT, when you look at some of the labor being done, you know you are in Mexico.  It is evidently less expensive to hire several laborers to work all day then bring in some of the expensive equipment we use in the US to finish a job.  A perfect example of this is our pool.  We are without our beautiful pool for 5 weeks while they replace the sides of the pool with tile.  The existing surface was not working well with the salt water.  The old concrete had to come off before the tile could go on.  We have a HUGE pool.  The sides were all chipped off by hand.  Pretty amazing to watch.  I don’t know if it is true, but rumor has it the laborers chipping away for 8hrs every day for two weeks were being paid 80 pesos a day.  That would be about $4.80 US a day.  I hope that is not true but afraid it could be!

Working on the Palapa.

This is all day in the hot sun!

Working on removing the existing finish on one wall.

Very large area to cover!

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  1. Eddie Merideth says:

    Maybe Bob could help out by making the workers afternoon margaritas..

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