What do we do all day in Puerto Vallarta?

I think this is the number one question from all of our friends and family!  “What do you do all day?”  We really don’t know how to answer it most of the time because every day we are busy and before we know it, it is late in the afternoon.  We are doing all of those things you think about doing but never get the time to accomplish.  We cook and entertain which requires walking a good portion of the morning to get all of the supplies. This is our built-in exercise plan.  We have met fun friends down here who keep us busy.  We go the gym and swim laps in the pool and are truly enjoying life!  I have had a chance to tap into my creative side which I have not gotten to do in years.  Saw something at my sister-in-law’s home and thought, I can do that!  Maybe my new little side business…

I can keep this one alive!

Smaller version. So many options!!!

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1 Response to What do we do all day in Puerto Vallarta?

  1. Michele. 706 says:

    Can I put in a request to buy your new smaller version, or one
    just like it ? I think you made a winner………. . 😉

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