Grilling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

When we drove our trailer down to PV from Seattle, we loaded it with our favorite things.  Our home was completely furnished down here, but we wanted some of those dishes, linens and a few other items that remind us this is our home.  Our trailer could only weigh 3500 lbs and after adjusting some items and leaving some things out, we weighed in at 3470 lbs!  The reason for this story is Bob’s barbecue.  It was either Bob’s barbecue or one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  As you can tell from the photo, Bob’s grill won and I am glad it did!  We use it almost every night and my Esposo can grill.  He decided to do one of our favorites which is a rotisserie chicken.  Cut some herbs from our little garden on our back deck, brined it and then Bob worked his magic!

So good!!!


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1 Response to Grilling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

  1. Eddie Merideth says:

    That is one pollo loco!

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