Our first wine tasting event in Puerto Vallarta

Wine is a big thing in Seattle and something we enjoy.  Getting wine from the US is expensive here in PV so we thought it might be fun to get a little wine club together to research wine options here in Mexico.  We put together a brainstorming group and created our first event for our wine club.  We started with a small number of selected people to get us started.  While we are enjoying wines from Mexico, Chile and Spain here, we decided to begin our first tasting with Torrontes from Argentina.  This is a light, dry white wine.  Very refreshing and a perfect wine to taste during the warm month of June.  It turned out to be a big success and we already have couples asking to host our next two events!

Doing it up in style!

Our winner complete with his gold medal! Zolo Torrontes

A long night for Bob. Is this too much wine or too much fun?!

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